2021 Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun – Match Updates 06/10/2021

We are 1 week out from the start of the 2021 Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun.  Here are some updated information:

Sponsors:  A few more supporting companies have signed on with the match.  We want to thank all our match sponsors for their support.

Co-Title Sponsors:

Diamond Sponsor:

Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Silver Sponsors:

Bronze Sponsors:

Contributing Sponsors:

Round Count:  Rifle 165, Pistol 163, Birdshot 151, and Pistol/Birdshot Option 24.  This may change slightly as the stages are built one week prior to the match.  There are no slugs this year.

Slings:  A rifle sling will be required on multiple stages.  No shotgun sling will be needed.

Match Set-up and RO Shoot:  Match set-up will begin on Saturday June 12th and will go through Tuesday June 15th.  The range is closed for shooters during the set-up.  ROs will be shooting all the stages Wednesday June 16th and Thursday June 17th.  The range is closed for regular shooters starting on Saturday June 12ththrough Thursday June 17th at 2PM.

Match Check-In:  All shooters must check-in on Thursday June 17th from 2-7PM or Friday June 18st from 6-7AM.  Check-in at the Main Club House at Gate 2.  At check-in, you will receive your 3 lunch tickets and match t-shirts.

Spectators and Non-Competitors:  All spectators and non-competitors need to check in at the Main Club House at Gate 2 to be able to be on the range property.

Match Rules:  The Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Match Rules (Revised 06-10-2021) is attached.  Please make sure to review the division firearm requirements.  There will be random firearm inspections throughout the weekend for rule compliance with the shooter’s registered division.

Match Schedule:  The 2021 Tri-Gun Schedule is attached.  Shooters can begin reviewing stages after 2PM on Thursday June 17th.  Bear in mind the ROs may still be shooting some stages on this day so all shooters are required to yield the stage to them.  There will not be a shooters’ meeting at the start of the match.  The RO’s will give you the match briefing before at your first stage of the match before they give you the stage briefing.  Please arrive on time at your stages.

Match Squadding:  Squadding will soon be locked.  Shooters must shoot in their assigned squad.  No shooters will be allowed to shoot in another squad without prior authorization from the Match Directors or Range Master.

Sight-In and Testing Range:  Bay 1 at Gate 3 will be a dedicated bay for sight-in and firearms testing.  This bay is only 35-40 yards.  This is strictly for registered competitors use only.  No spectators are allowed to shoot any firearm during the match.  This bay is not to be used as a practice bay or to show off or try out other shooter’s gun.  Strictly sight-in and test fires only.

Lunch:  We have once again arranged for the Forest Lake High School’s Clay Target Shooting Team to provide lunch as a fundraiser for their team.  Each shooter will receive 3 lunch tickets at check-in which are redeemed for lunch each day.  Additional lunch can be purchased with cash.  You all know the future of our sport is with the youths.  Please support them and be generous with your tips.

Parking and Range Vehicles:  We will be using all 3 areas of the range again.  Each area will have vehicle parking near the bays.  The farthest distance a stage is from the parking lot is about 200 yards.  Motorized vehicles/wheelers in the bay areas are restricted to match staff and pre-authorized persons only.  We highly suggest using carts for your gear.

Shooter Conduct:  Almost every RO (paid or unpaid) in any match are doing the duty for the love of the sport and to contribute back to our sport.  All of our ROs have/will dedicate a lot of their time and energy for our match.  Please treat them with the respect they deserve.  You may not agree with their calls, but they definitely don’t deserve abuse or mistreatment.  Abusive and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will be grounds for a Match DQ and/or being banned.

Match Withdrawal:  At this point, any withdrawing shooters will be responsible to finding their own arrangements for a replacement shooter.   Match fee re-imbursement will have to be arranged by the shooter and their replacement.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.  We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Jomar Villamor – Match Director – Jomar.MN3GG@gmail.com

Jay Schmitt – Match Director & Sponsorship Coordinator – Jay.MN3GG@gmail.com

Chris Cazin – Range Master – Caz41@hotmail.com

Tiffany Overland – Registrations & Sponsorship Coordinator – TiffanyOverland@gmail.com

Shawn Nelson – Stage Logistics & Media & Advertising Coordinator – shawn@apextechworks.com

Dustin Sanchez – Media & Advertising Coordinator – pbwevents@gmail.com