The Minnesota 3Gun Group is excited to announce the 2022 Tri-Gun match. In 2016 the Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun match evolved, in partnership with Vortex Optics, into a premier level 3-Gun match attended by top-level 3-gun shooters nationwide.  This year JP Enterprises has joined the match in partnership with Vortex Optics.   We are very grateful to Nordic Components for the multiple years of support for both the Tactical Shotgun Match and the Tri-Gun.

The 2022 Vortex JP Tri-Gun will be held on June 10th-12th, 2022 at the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club and will feature 9 exciting and challenging stages with the same high quality that many shooters have come to expect from the Minnesota 3Gun Group.  New this year will be the addition of a Modified Optics Division that will allow RDS pistols and shotgun rules similar to IPSC Shotgun.

By popular request, the match schedule will be Half-Day Format this year for Day 1 and Day 2.  Squads 1-9 will shoot AM on Day 1 and PM on Day 2. Squads 10-18 will shoot PM on Day 1 and AM on Day 2.  Vortex Optics and JP Enterprises will provide “Beer and Pizza” after the shooting is completed on Day 2 (weather dependent). On Day 3, all Squads will shoot AM and the Awards Ceremony will be in the PM.

Match slots will remain limited so we could maintain the same quality match. As we’ve done in the past, registrations will be in 2 phases:

Early registrations will be exclusively for shooters that have shot the match EACH year since the inception of the Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun in 2016 (all 5 matches).   There are a limited amount of shooters who qualify and they will receive their private early registration invitations through email in late January. This early registration will only be open for a limited time.

General Registrations will open up on Thursday, February 10th at 8PM Central Time.  This will be strictly 1st come 1st serve.  Once the match fills, a waiting list will automatically be started and will be based on the order you registered.  In past years, this match filled within minutes each year, so plan accordingly.

Registration will be done through Practiscore Match Management. Please keep in mind that you have to be a registered user of Practiscore (free of charge) to be able to sign up for the match, so plan ahead.  Once you’re a registered Practiscore user, you can then register for the match.

A number of shooter slots are reserved for companies sponsoring the match.  Sponsored shooters must have their sponsoring company contact us to confirm their sponsor slot.  If you register as a Sponsored shooter, confirmation is needed from your sponsor within 45 days of registration.   If you are unsure of getting a sponsor slot you should submit payment for the meantime to hold your match slot.  In these instances, once the sponsor confirms your sponsor slot, a refund will be sent.

Upon registering for the match, you will receive an automated email confirming your registration.  Once the match fills, a waiting list will automatically be started and will be based on the order you registered.  If you are waitlisted, your automated email will say you are waitlisted.

The match fee is $310 for adults and $155 for juniors (17 or younger at match date).  Included with the match fee is a match t-shirt.  Lunch will be available for purchase at the range.   Staff and Sponsored shooters can register by selecting the appropriate box on the registration form.

Match withdrawals will need to be requested before the end of the day on May 1, 2022 in order to receive a refund.  After the May 1st deadline, refunds on any withdrawals will only be given if a replacement shooter from the waiting list is able to take your place.  Refunds will be reduced by the credit card processing fee of approximately $10.

Self-squadding for approved shooters will open on Wednesday, May 11th at 8PM US Central Time.

Similar to last year, every competitor will draw for and receive a Sponsor Prize Bag. Thanks to our generous match sponsors, each bag had between $150- $1,000 worth of sponsor products in them. The match prize table will have additional sponsor products and will be focused on the top 25% of shooters in each division.

We are excited for this match and we have a lot of things planned. We have all the intentions of keeping the reputation of this match as a premier match. Match information and updates will be posted on the Match Website and the Match Facebook Page.

We look forward to seeing you at the match.

Jomar Villamor – Match Director – Jomar.MN3GG@gmail.com

Jay Schmitt – Match Director & Sponsorship Coordinator – Jay.MN3GG@gmail.com

Chris Cazin – Range Master – Caz41@hotmail.com

Tiffany Overland – Registration & Sponsorship Coordinator – TriGunMN@gmail.com

Shawn Nelson – Media & Advertising Coordinator – Shawn@apextechworks.com