We are now less than 2 weeks out from the start of the 2022 Vortex JP Tri-Gun.  We are very excited for this event and we have some fun and challenging stages we are eager to present.   

A huge thanks to our Title Sponsors Vortex Optics and JP Enterprises and to our host Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club for their continued support of the Tri-Gun.  And thanks also to all of our match sponsors: American Defense Manufacturing, Federal Premium Ammunition, HiperFire, Luth-AR, Arnzen Arms, KelTec Weapons, Timber Creek Outdoors, Benelli USA, Dissident Arms, IWI, King of the Mountain, and Savage Arms.  Please be sure to thank them all.   

All competitors will need to check in at the Clubhouse in Gate 2.  Check-In is open on Thursday June 9th from 2PM-7PM, and again on Friday June 10th from 6AM-7AM for the AM Squads and Noon-1PM for the PM Squads  Upon checking in, each competitor will receive a Sponsor Prize Bag.  Competitors can begin walking the stages after the Check-In opens on Thursday June 9th, but please yield to the match staff that will be shooting the stages.  

Forest Lake Sportment’s Club has 3 gates and we will be using all of them for this event.  The Stage & Parking Maps are posted.  The gravel roads around the club gets very dusty so please respect the neighbors and keep the speed down to minimize the dust.  There will be a bay in Gate 3 that will be open for sight-in and testing through the weekend.  Any areas marked “Staff vehicles Only” will mean just that, meaning any competitor vehicles to include ATVs and UTVs are not allowed in those areas so we can minimize the dust kicked up at the stages while competitors are shooting.  

The Match Schedule is posted in two formats: Stage and Squad. The match schedule had been modified but will continue to be the ½ day format as planned.  Squad 1-6 will be shooting AM/PM/AM.  Squads 7-12 will be shooting PM/AM/AM.  Please remember that the match schedule is also subject to change during the match weekend should there be forecasted bad weather or other factors arise. There will be no shooters meeting at the beginning of the match. All the shooters will get the match briefing at their first assigned stage.  

With the switch into ½ day format, we have concluded that lunch at the range is not in the best interest for the vendor due to most squads will be eating before coming to the range or going out to eat after shooting.  There are many great restaurants in Forest Lake that would welcome your patronage.  

The Beer & Pizza Garden sponsored by Vortex Optics and JP Enterprises is scheduled for Saturday night.  Depending on the forecasted weather, it may be moved up to Friday night if need be.  

On behalf of all of us in the MN 3Gun Group, we wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend.  Please take a moment to reflect on what Memorial Day means for all of us and to remember all our servicemen and women who have given their lives in the service of our great country and our freedom.  

We look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Jomar Villamor – Match Director – Jomar.MN3GG@gmail.com 

Jay Schmitt – Match Director – Jay.MN3GG@gmail.com 

Chris Cazin – Range Master – Caz41@hotmail.com 

Tiffany Overland – Logistics & Sponsorship – TriGunMN@gmail.com 

Shawn Nelson – Media & Advertising – shawn@apextechworks.com