MATCH UPDATES – Day 1 Complete

We hope most everyone is having a great time and are enjoying the stages.  The weather held up and actually provided a good canopy to keep the heat down.  Weather forecast has also changed for tomorrow and is looking like no rain now until Sunday.  The current 2019 Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Scores are now posted.

We had an unfortunate circumstance arise (more like sink) with Stage 8.  One of the rifle targets managed to sink into the ground gradually over the course of the day and 90+ shooters going through the stage.  By the end of the day, the target had half of a presentation than it had at the start of the day.  We never had a target sink into the ground before, and we believe that it was the combination of the ground the target stand was on, the vibration the stand was taking as the plate was hit off of it, and the resetting of the 5 pound plate caused the target stand to dig further into the ground.  Over the course of the day, the target sank about 4 inches lower behind rubber block protecting the stand.  With that, the stage had definitely changed and the squads that shot early in the day had a distinct advantage over the squads that shot late in the day.  Therefore, we regret that we have to throw Stage 8 out of the match to keep the match as fair as possible.  We apologize for this.

The squad schedule stays intact except for Stage 8.  That block will just be open time for the squads.  See the 2019 Tri-Gun Updated Match Schedule.

A couple of reminders for tomorrow:

  • The Nordic Vortex Tent Party will be tomorrow as the shooting winds down at about 5PM.  Beer will be provided by Vortex Optics, and pizza will be provided by Nordic Components and Hiperfire.
  • The side shotgun matches are fully open right away in the morning.  There are two stages available.  Cost is $10 per stage and per division (Pump, Tactical, and Open).  Shooters can only shoot the stages once in a division, but can shoot them again under another division up to all 3 divisions.  Stages and divisions are independent and cash payouts will be given to the top shooters during the awards ceremony on Sunday.
  • Please keep your speed down while driving by and at the range to keep the dust level down, especially by the main clubhouse at Gate 2 where the tent is at.

Have a good night and see you all in the morning.