The 2018 Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun is just around the corner. The stage designs are set and we are excited to get them on the ground starting this weekend. Here are some updates:

• Saturday June 16th – Tuesday June 19th: Set-Up and stage building. We ask that competitors stay off the range grounds.
• Wednesday June 20th: Match Staff will begin shooting the stages.
• Thursday June 21st: Match Staff will finish shooting the stages. Competitor Registration Check-In starts at 2 at the Main Clubhouse (Gate 2) and competitors can start walking the stages after checking in. On stages where the Match Staff is currently shooting or preparing to shoot, competitors shall yield to them and move out of the stage.
• Friday June 22nd: Last minute registration check in will begin at 6AM. All competitors must be at their 1st stage at 7:45AM ready to start. There will be no shooter’s meeting or opening ceremony.

Round Count:
Round Count is subject to change once the stage designs are actually built. Currently, the round counts are:
• Rifle: 187
• Pistol: 177
• Shotgun Birdshot: 148
• Shotgun Slugs: 8
• Optional Rifle/Pistol: 8
• Optional Pistol/Shotgun Birdshot: 8

Additional Equipment:
There will be 3 single gun stages for each of the 3 guns. These will be high round count stages, upwards to 50 rounds each. Be prepared to have the necessary equipment (i.e. shell holders). Slings will not be needed this year.

Road Construction:
I-35 at Forest Lake is under construction. There will be lane shifting and lanes divided by barriers that could change at any time. Please pay attention to the signs as you approach the Forest Lake exit. Currently for northbound I-35 (from the cities), the lanes split with divider barriers. One side will have access to the exit ramps, the other will be a bypass with the next exit about 5 miles past Forest Lake. This can change, so please watch the signs.

Range Access:
The match will be using the entire range. There are 3 gates for the 3 areas of the range where the stages will be. Parking at Gate 1 and 2 will be close to the stages. Parking at the Gate 3 is also close with the farthest stage about a 200 yard walk from the parking lot. No one is allowed to use a motorized vehicle of any kind on the access road to the bays except for the Match Staff and pre-approved competitors (based on physical needs). The access road runs right long the shooting bays and it can get very dusty. If a competitor has a need to use a motorized vehicle, please send Jomar and email at Jomar.MN3GG@gmail with your request and reason.

Rule Change:
Please review the match rules. One recent change was made that affects the scoring of paper targets. With the recent change of USPSA targets no longer having the “B” zone (head shot), we have now made the one hit neutralization to just the “A” zone only (center mass or critical head area).

That is all for now. Please email us if you have any questions. See you at the range.

Jomar Villamor – Match Director & Registration Coordinator –

Jay Schmitt – Match Director –

Chris Cazin – Range Master –

Gunnar An – Sponsorship Coordinator –

Tiffany Overland – Sponsorship Coordinator –