A few updates to pass on to all the shooters:

  1. We’ve updated the match rules for both the Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun to maintain a consistent and fair match.  The updated match rules are posted on the match website.  Updates are mostly to address already common prohibited practices and prohibited items.
  2. The 2017 Tri-Gun Match Round Countis in.  We have a number of stages that have optional targets that may be engaged by more than one type of firearm.  There will be no shotgun buckshot used this year.
  3. Plan for a shotgun-only stage with a round count around 50, and a handgun-only stage with a round count of about 60.
  4. Squadding is self-assigning on Practiscore and are 1st come 1st serve basis.  Log into your Personal Match Management Page to sign up to a squad.  Shooters who have not selected a squad will be placed on an open squad by the Match Officials before the match starts.  Once placed, the shooter cannot move to another squad.
  5. Rifle slings will be needed, but no shotgun slings this year.
  6. Motorized vehicles will be restricted in the Gate 3 Bays to match staff only due to the dust as well as crowd barriers being used on the road for stages using multiple bays.  Special considerations will be given to shooters with limited mobility who submit a request by email to the Match Directors.  Distance from the parking lot to the furthermost stage is only about 150 yards.  Push/pull carts are allowed.
  7. Please review the 2017 Tri-Gun Match Schedule.  There will be no Shooters’ Meeting in the morning of the 1stday of the match.  A Match Director Briefing will be sent out electronically to all the shooters, as well as presented by the Range Officers at your first stage of the match.
  8. The range closures for the match will begin on Saturday, June 17th.
    • Gate 3 and the competition bays in Gate 2 are off-limits to everyone but the match staff setting up the stages.
    • Gate 1 bays will be shut down beginning on Monday, June 19thfor the 2A Heritage 3-Gun Junior Camp we and the Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club are proud to be a host of.
  9. The range will be open on Thursday, June 22ndat 9AM.  Shooters can inspect the stages, but must yield to the Match Staff who are shooting the stages.  Registration check-in will be open from 2PM to 7Pm at the main clubhouse at Gate 2.  A short bay will be available for sight-in from 2PM to 7PM for shooters that have completed the registration check-in.  Registration check-in will continue on Friday, June 23rd from 6AM to 7AM.