To the Shooters:

I have had a chance to get some sleep over the last few nights. I want to once again extend my thank you to all of you, the shooters, who took part in this event.  The demand for the event from you the shooter makes this all possible.  I hope some of the little things like having lunch built in, the beer garden, and the Pizza Feed provided by Nordic Components, Vortex Optics and the MN3GG made for a great match experience.

Overall the event, as a whole, ran smooth. The usual match problems occurred but nothing crazy.  I appreciate everyone’s ability to adapt to the changing schedule with the pending storm.  A little crazy that we never got more than high winds and a few drops of rain.  That storm missed us by a couple miles at the most.

I am super grateful for all the work that the RO’s did to make the match successful. We had people onsite, every day, working on stages and props since the Saturday prior to the match.  Many other things had been done at the range in the month leading up as well as Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club adding the new bays were stage 9 took place.

Our sponsors were outstanding. Nordic Components and Vortex Optics were a great team to have in place as we made this transition.  I was amazed at the prize table when it was finally laid out.  Sponsors are really important to a major match.  That is why we recommend many times to you, the shooters, please contact them and thank them for their generous donations.  Due to the large numbers of products many of you received items from multiple sponsors.  Try to hit up a few of them, even if you did not get an item from them.  Please consider them for your additional needs as well.  Take a look below at the hyperlinks to send out quick messages.

Scores can be seen here for the match, and here for the side shotgun match,


We are happy to entertain any comments and hope to see you all next year.






Title Sponsors

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Arnzen Arms                  (

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Lucas Oil                        (https://www.facebook…ucasoiloutdoor/)

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Seekins Precision           (https://www.facebook…ekinsPrecision/)

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FNH USA                        (

Hawkeye Ordnance        (https://www.facebook…36815399663727/)

Hiperfire                         (https://www.facebook…rmanceFirearms/)

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