We are just 2 weeks away from the Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun.  Out stage designs are finalized and our prize table donations are looking very generous thanks to the supportive match sponsors.  Please check out the Match Sponsor page on our website.

We have some exciting and challenging stages planned which we will begin building next weekend.  Building the stages will be done over a few days in different areas of the range due to other events.  With that, shooters can check out the stages when they are completely built.  For the stages still under construction, please give way to our volunteer match staff who is working hard to make this event possible.

Match registration check-in will begin on Thursday June 23rd from 2PM to 7PM at the Main club house.  Shooters will receive their match booklets and lunch tickets during check-in.  Shooters may walk the stages, but must yield to the volunteer match staff who are shooting all 9 stages in 1 day.

Late check-in will be the morning of the 1st day of the match on Friday June 24th from 6AM to 7AMat the Main club house.  A short shooters’ meeting will be held at the main clubhouse at 7:30AMbefore everyone heads to their assigned stages.

Lunch is provided for all 3 match days outside the main clubhouse by the Forest Lake High School Trap Team.  Additional lunches are available for purchase.

The 2016 Tri-Gun Match Schedule is available here.

The match round count is:

·         153 rifle

·         181 pistol

·         152 birdshot

·         4 slugs

We will have a side shotgun match with 4 stages and a round count of 60 birdshots.  The match fee will be $20 and will have its own separate prizes.  The side shotgun match is only open to registered Tri-Gun shooters, and shooters will be able to shoot the side shotgun match stages at any time between their Tri-Gun stages and after the Tri-Gun match is done for the day.  The side shotgun match will follow the same match rules of the Tri-Gun.  There will be 3 divisions: Open, Tactical, and Pump.  Shooters can only shoot in 1 division, and may shoot any division provided their shotgun meets the division requirement.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.


Jay Schmitt

Match Director &

Prize Coordinator


Jomar Villamor

Match Director &



Chris Cazin

Range Master